About Cyberstitch

Cyberstitch was first established in 2003.

Since then Cyberstitch has vastly developed into a popular, well known business that provides a lot more than just Scout badges! We make thousands of badges, embroidered and woven. If you are looking for excellent quality badges at a fair price you have certainly found the right site. We are possibly the leading European badge supplier in the UK!

What We Do

Design Your Own

Cyberstitch work with you to make sure you get a quality design that is unique and to your requirements!

Other Info

What's The Difference Between Woven & Embroidered Badges?

The key difference is that woven badges are flat because the design is 'woven' into the fabric that the badge is made from. This type of design cannot easily be worn off by abrasion and general wear and tear.

With an embroidered badge, the design is created on the surface of the fabric by a stitching process, hence the texture effect.

Woven badges allow much more detail in the design and hence much greater clarity of the image, and allow the badge to be smaller where required. When larger quantities are required, the woven, cloth badge is also generally a lower cost item to produce than an embroidered badge.

Best Price Guarantee

We're committed to providing a great quality service at an affordable price. If you can provide a quotation from another UK supplier, we will guarantee that we can beat the price you have been given.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we would like to hear. In this unlikely event, we would be happy to repeat the manufactoring process or arrange a refund.


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